IP Expert Series -
Anchor Your Business with IA/IP for Sustained Growth

22 September 2022, Thursday
10:00am – 11:00am (SGT)

Organised by IPOS International and Singapore Water Association (SWA)

This event is complimentary.


Are you developing new technology solutions in the water or sustainability industry? If yes, chances are you will be concerned with how to protect your wide range of innovations. To secure your competitive advantage, it is vital to protect the underlying intellectual property (IP) and more broadly, intangible assets (IA).

Join our speakers Andrea Chiu (IP Strategist, IPOS International) and Mudasser Iqbal (Founder & CEO, Teamsolve) to learn the fundamentals of IA and IP as we:

  • Share IA/IP perspectives on how water technology companies can sustain business growth
  • Provide practical IA/IP management tips to boost your competitive advantage
  • Uncover the IA/IP journey of a Singapore-based Digital Workforce start-up for the Industries and Utilities sector.

This webinar is part of IPOS International’s IP Expert Series where IP experts share actionable tips on IP and intangible asset management. Organised in collaboration with the Singapore Water Association, this edition spotlights the Urban Solutions and Sustainability industry and is an associated event for IP [email protected] 2022.


  • Ong Pei Wen, Head, Enterprise Engagement, IPOS International


  • Andrea Chiu, IP Strategist, IPOS International
  • Mudasser Iqba, Founder & CEO, Teamsolve