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Thank you for attending our networking, events and exhibition hall, IP Marketplace. We hope you have enjoyed meeting and connecting with exhibitors, IP experts and fellow participants.

6 SEP 2022 | Tuesday
8.00am – 9.30am


Note: In line with the latest guidelines, we would be carrying out Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS). All participants entering or remaining in the event venue are required to be fully vaccinated. Find out more details under our FAQ section here.

Activities at the IP Marketplace:

  • Breakfast @ IP Marketplace
  • Interviews with IP experts
  • Networking opportunities

Many more…

9.30am – 10.15am

Live Streaming from the GFIP:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Awards
  • Keynote Remarks

10.15am – 11.45am

Live Streaming from the GFIP (only at IPMP Hall):
Keynote IP Leaders’ Plenary – Charting our Future with IP 

11.45am – 12.15pm

New GoBusiness IP e-Adviser Tool – Pre-Launch Demonstration

Looking to protect or commercialise your business IP but unsure where to start? Share your business needs with the free GoBusiness IP e-Adviser tool, and it will help identify your IP needs and connect you with the right IP experts! Developed in collaboration with MTI, GovTech and SNDGO, the tool is now in its testing phase, and we warmly welcome your feedback before it launches on the GoBusiness portal.


Ms Ong Pei Wen
Head, Enterprise Engagement
IPOS International

12.15pm – 1.15pm

Activities at the IP Marketplace:

  • Interviews with IP experts
  • Presentations by Sponsors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Refreshments

Many more...

1.15pm – 1.25pm

IP & Innovation, Breaking the Status Quo - by IPwe

In the age of disruption, we cannot imagine a future without technology and innovation. Intellectual Property is necessary to convert ideas into innovative solutions. Producing disruptive innovation is often described as the only way to successfully compete in today’s globalized economy, but achieving a sustainable competitive advantage is no longer feasible in many fast-moving industries if smaller companies lack the resources to do so. Technology is continually evolving, striving to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the world. IPwe wants to balance the interest of technology innovators and users to promote innovation, adoption and commercial development through its shared ‘pools’ of innovation, called Smart Pools.


Ms Lavinia Meliti
Global Head of Business Development, IPwe

2.00pm – 2.30pm

Introduction to IPR Initiatives by Leading eCommerce Platforms - by Lazada

Join us as Alibaba Group and Lazada Group share about their efforts in IPR Protection on eCommerce Platforms!

 Alibaba Group 

Alibaba Group is a global leader in digitalized commerce, cloud computing, mapping, digital entertainment and more. Alibaba devoted itself to IPR protection working closely with rights owners to tackle infringements on its eCommerce platforms, and also increasingly working on technologies which enable IPR generation and protection across many parts of society.

 Lazada Group

Lazada Group is Southeast Asia's pioneer eCommerce platform accelerating progress in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam through commerce and technology. Lazada is committed to preserving the trust that consumers and merchants repose in us and our IPR protection programme fosters a safe e-Commerce environment that supports sustainable commercial activity for all participants.


Mr Mick Ryan
Director, Brand Cooperation, Platform Governance
Alibaba Group

Mr Andy Chua
Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property Protection and Law Enforcement

2.30pm – 4.00pm

Activities at the IP Marketplace:

  • Interviews with IP experts
  • Presentations by Sponsors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Refreshments

Many more...

4.00pm – 4.30pm

Tea Break @ IP Marketplace

Launch of Trade Secrets Enterprise Guide

Based on a recent Baker McKenzie survey, 7 in 10 view trade secrets as the most important type of IP to safeguard, particularly given the rapid pace of tech invention. The Commission on Theft of American Intellectual Property survey reported that trade secret theft costs US businesses $500 billion annually. This underscores the rising importance of enterprise trade secret protection and management.

Join us for the launch of the Trade Secrets Enterprise Guide, followed by a sharing from companies to help you learn practical steps to protect and manage your trade secrets, and safeguard your company’s competitive advantage.


Mr Tan Chee Wee
Executive Director, Advocacy & Policy
Singapore Business Federation

Mr Anan Sivananthan
Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

Mr Richard Hayler
Chief Financial Officer
Nutrition Technologies

Mr Tim Londergan
CEO & Founder

4.30pm – 6.00pm

Live Streaming from the GFIP:
Business Track Panel 2A – Of Swords and Shields: Winning in Business Through IP Analytics



7 SEP 2022 | Wednesday
8.00am – 9.00am


Note: In line with the latest guidelines, we would be carrying out Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS). All participants entering or remaining in the event venue are required to be fully vaccinated. Find out more details under our FAQ section here

9.00am – 10.30am

Activities at the IP Marketplace:

  • Interviews with IP experts
  • Conversations on IP Hot Topics
  • Networking opportunities

Many more...

10.30am – 11.30am

Tea Break @ IP Marketplace

IP and Blockchain

Intangible assets have seen astronomical growth in the last three decades, growing 1145% from an estimated $6 trillion in 1996 to $74 trillion in 2021. This growth trajectory is expected to continue, reaching a total of $1 quadrillion by 2050 (Source: Brand Finance).

Against this growing importance of IA, developments in frontier technologies have offered exciting opportunities which can help us better manage IA. One such frontier technologies is in blockchain which have the potential to revolutionise the innovation ecosystem. Join us for this panel to explore how blockchain technologies can improve and change the IA/IP ecosystem.

The event is jointly brought to you by IPOS and IMDA.


Mr Henry Roxas
Deputy Director


Ms Ling Ho
Partner, Head of Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Group
Clifford Chance, Hong Kong

Mr Kenrick Drijkoningen
General Partner
Play Ventures

Mr Lionel Chok
Chief Metaverse Officer
Hatten Land

12.30pm – 12.45pm

Launch of the Southeast Asia eCommerce Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (SeCA Working Group)

Join us for the launch of the SeCA Working Group – a ground-up initiative that seeks to combat IPR infringement via eCommerce, especially counterfeit trade, and build a strong foundation for the development of unified best practices and standards for IPR protection across the eCommerce industry. The SeCA Working Group comprises IPR owners, IPR owners groups and platforms with eCommerce features, all with the shared objectives of tackling counterfeit trade and protecting consumer safety in the eCommerce space.

As its first initiative, the SeCA Working Group will unveil its official website, which members of the public may access to learn about the IPR protection policies, programmes and tools available on all participating platforms for IPR owners to manage and deter IPR-infringing activities on these platforms.


Mr Alvin Chua
Robinson LLC

1.30pm – 1.45pm

IPOS Society Announcement

The launch of Singapore IP Strategy 2030 has motivated the leadership of the IPOS Society (“Exco”) to re-think about how we should engage the professional participants of the regional IP and innovation ecosystem (“Ecosystem”). The Exco came together, worked tirelessly over the past months and developed three (3) strategic work pillars.

  1. Rejuvenation – To inject the new energy and to convey our resolve in meeting the modern demands of the Ecosystem.
  2. Reinforcement – To further strengthen our foundation through systematic changes to our internal governance.
  3. Relevance – To draw the community building blueprint for the next five (5) years and building upon the same.

Do come join us and hear how we work towards being more than a credible professional networking platform!


Mr Dixon Soh
Director, Head of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Practice, CHP Law LLC
President, IPOS Society

1.45pm – 3.00pm

Activities at the IP Marketplace:

  • Interviews with IP experts
  • Conversations on IP Hot Topics
  • Networking opportunities

Many more...

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Launch of IP Start Programme

Join us for an intimate fireside chat with two start-up founders on how they navigated obstacles and prepared to scale, by anticipating their IP needs. Learn how the IP Start programme can help start-ups gain a solid head start when facing similar challenges in their innovation journey.


Mr Fu Zhikang
Deputy Director
Senior IP Strategist
IP Strategy Solutions IPOS International

Mr Khan Zaid Ahmed
M.I.Cloud Technologies

Ms Yang Ping
M.I.Cloud Technologies

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Tea Break @ IP Marketplace

NYC Kopi Chat Series X IP Week @ SG 2022

Non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) offer a decentralised modality to manage digital assets using blockchain technology. The global NFT marketplace is expected to grow by around USD 150 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of around 35%. This provides tremendous growth opportunities for creators to leverage on NFTs to commercialise their creative works.

Join us as we discuss how can youths leverage the NFT space for their creative works. Hear from the experts on their experiences and pitfalls as you venture into this emerging field in tech.

This event is jointly brought to you by NYC and IPOS.


Mr Tan Wei Hao
Senior Assistant Director
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore


Mr Jacky Yap
Founder of Chain Debrief and Co-founder of GRVTY Media

Mr Benjamin Cheong
Deputy Head
Technology, Media and Telecommunications
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

4.00pm – 5.30pm

Live Streaming from the GFIP:
Business Track Panel 4A – From Start-up to Unicorn: Unleashing the IP

5.30pm – 7.00pm

Closing Reception



AIPLUX manages to simplify the lengthy processes of trademark application and patent consultation to web-based tasks leveraging its proprietary technology in the domain of database, AI and Natural Language Processing.Since the grand launch of its trademark service in 2021, AIPLUX has successfully applied trademarks for over 1500 brands globally.

The ARISE Plus Intellectual Property Rights (ARISE+ IPR) project is one of the components under the Enhanced ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the European Union or ARISE Plus. The five-year, €5.5 million project supports regional integration through intellectual property (IP) cooperation and aims to upgrade the IP systems for creation, protection, utilisation, administration and enforcement, in line with international best practices and standards and the strategic objectives of the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2016-2025.

The project aims to enhance the participation of ASEAN Member States in international IP treaties and global systems; contribute to institutional capacity building towards more efficient ASEAN IP offices; increase political and public awareness of the importance of IP protection and enforcement; reinforce the capacity of ASEAN businesses to commercialise and protect their IP rights; and provide tailor-made support to Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar to promote IP rights and innovation.

Clarivate™ is a global leader in providing solutions to accelerate the lifecycle of innovation. Our bold mission is to help customers solve some of the world's most complex problems by providing actionable information and insights that reduce the time from new ideas to life-changing inventions in the areas of science and intellectual property. We help customers discover, protect and commercialize their inventions using our trusted subscription and technology-based solutions coupled with deep domain expertise.

The Dennemeyer Group offers high-quality services for the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights and is committed to being the first-choice partner for customers globally.

With 60 years of experience in the industry and 20+ offices worldwide, Dennemeyer manages over three million IP rights of around 8,000 customers. Organizations with even the largest, most diverse IP portfolios turn to the Dennemeyer Group for reliable protection, administration and management of their most valuable assets.

In addition to a full spectrum of IP-related legal services, Dennemeyer offers IP strategy consulting, comprehensive IP management software, IP payment services and cutting-edge patent search and analysis tools.

Founded in 2018, IPwe is a global innovation platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and blockchain technology. Through the IPwe Platform, large enterprises, SMEs, owners, those looking to enhance their innovation profiles and those with a legal, technical or financial focus benefit from our mission to empower innovation in emerging technologies. IPwe is committed to improving ROI whether measured by dollar returns, jobs created, ventures launched, or problems solved by increasing transparency, lowering costs and enhancing returns for the entire innovation ecosystem.


Lazada Group is Southeast Asia's pioneer eCommerce platform. For the last 10 years, Lazada has been accelerating progress in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam through commerce and technology.

Today, a thriving local ecosystem links our consumers to more than 1 million actively-selling sellers every month, who are transacting safely and securely via trusted payments channels and Lazada Wallet, receiving parcels through a homegrown logistics network that has become the largest in the region. Lazada aims to serve 300 million shoppers by 2030, and be the best at enabling brands and sellers in digitalizing their businesses.

Lazada has a dedicated Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection team and is committed to building and maintaining a trusted platform for our consumers, brands, merchants and ecosystem partners. Our comprehensive IPR protection program - covering everything from counterfeit detection and take-down to consumer and merchant education - fosters a safe eCommerce environment for all.

More information can be found here: www.lazada.com/en/ipr/


Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP is part of the Marks & Clerk group with 17 offices around the world.

We are a leading Intellectual Property firm of Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, who are highly regarded locally as well as globally and our large team enables us to offer clients a full range of intellectual property expertise. Within our team of technically qualified patent attorneys, we have a wide range of specialisms, meaning we can advise on any kind of technology, from electronics to biochemistry to materials.

As a testament of the quality of our work, we have won the Managing Intellectual Property award for 'Singapore Prosecution Firm of the Year' six out of the last nine years, including this year – 2022. We are listed in the top tier for patent and trade mark work in Managing Intellectual Property’s IP Stars guide and Asia IP’s annual survey. Our patent practice is also listed in the top tier of the Asia Legal Business IP rankings and IAM Patent 1000. The IAM Patent 1000 2021 Guide says "Only a few can compete with Marks & Clerk when it comes to locking down ironclad patent rights in Singapore... Marks & Clerk’s service stands out for several reasons – its practitioners have all the information at hand, provide a thorough explanation of risks, dispense strategic advice, proactively arrange expert consultations and follow up with clients diligently."


IP Key South-East Asia (SEA) – Phase II is the European Commission’s project to implement the objectives of the European Union (EU) in the field of intellectual property rights (IPRs) through international cooperation with South-East Asian countries, with a focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. IP Key SEA provides technical expertise to SEA countries in developing IPR rules and regulations that are consistent with international standards and global best practices.

The project establishes systems to facilitate high quality and expeditious processes for registering and effectively enforcing IPRs. All IPRs are covered: copyright, trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, patents, trade secrets and plant varieties, as well as IPR enforcement, in particular civil, administrative and border enforcement.


Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider serving 20,000 organizations in more than 30 countries for the optimal management of their IP assets portfolio. Whether for patent, trademark, domain name, or design, Questel provides its customers with the software, tech-enabled services, and consulting services necessary to give them a strategic advantage.


Tangibly's SaaS platform enables companies to implement best-in-class management of their trade secrets. Trade secrets can be almost anything, from algorithms to chemical processes to client lists and are among the most valuable assets for many companies.

Tangibly helps demystify legal requirements and implement best practices to establish company assets as legally enforceable trade secrets. These best practices include cataloging assets, acknowledgment workflow, access management, tracking required legal agreements (NDAs, employment agreements, partnership agreements, etc), as well as employee/partner education and training. Welcome to a new world of IP management.