Mr Toshi Futamata

Chairman, SEP Research Group (Japan);
Visiting Senior Researcher, The University of Tokyo

Since 2013, Toshi Futamata has been a visiting senior researcher at the University of Tokyo. He continues to be a lecturer at intellectual property strategic seminars held at many specialized institutions including universities. He also serves as his IP expert member on committees held by relevant policymakers.

Prior to academical activities, Mr. Futamata was from 2007 to 2011 Managing Director of Sisvel (Japan), a subsidiary of European IP management company, responsible for building and promoting patent pools and joint licensing programs. Before joining Sisvel, he stationed in Germany and Singapore, and he led numerous IP negotiations at Panasonic Mobile Communications.

He is currently chairing the SEP Research Group (Japan), which is an independent working group composed of members from industry, legal, academia who discuss topics related to SEPs in Japan.

He is Lecturer at the University of Tokyo Strategic Task Force Leader program (2014 - present), Senior Fellow of Mitsubishi Research Institute and Senior advisor of i2P Ventures/PieceFuture (Singapore) supporting startups.